Chatbot Solutions

What can bots do for you?

- Build a one on one relationship with your followers or users

- Convey the persona of your brand whether it be cheeky 🙃 or serious 🤓

- Brings your brand to the place where people spend the most time digitally (messaging apps)

- Give users the information they are after instantly

- Automate and direct tasks to the correct person or program

Get in touch if you want to learn more about bots and how they can help you! Send us an email at or use the contact form in the link above.

EDDY - your personal cooking assistant

There is no shortage of recipes out there but finding one that is quick and easy after a long day can be like the needle in a hay stack. So what do we do? We end up either cooking the same meal from every other night or eating out. Sound familiar...? Whilst this is an easy option it is generally not very exciting or not so healthy and rather expensive. EDDY takes the stress out of the ‘what do I cook for dinner’ question and inspires home cooks to make something new, easy, healthy and of course delicious.

YH 2.jpg

Young Henrys (Coming Soon)

We are currently working with the team at Young Henrys to build a chatbot that creates a new way for people to browse, buy and book their products.

Young Henrys are a great supporter of many businesses so it is awesome to be working with these legends to help them serve the people!

MC Mimi.jpeg

Mimi Baines 

Mimi was a finalist in the 2016 season of Masterchef Australia where she made it to the final 5. Mimi loves creating new, unique and beautiful recipes to share on her website.

We were so lucky to partner with her and build a simple bot that creates the functionality of an app but with her cheeky personality. Thanks Mimi you champion!